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  1. Woar, I'm really confused now. I am not sure if I should feel sorry or happy for you. On the one hand you have an extremely overweight, smoking, criminally convicted MIL. On the other hand your MIL doesn't come for visits...
  2. If you read the OP/article then you see each vial has 10 doses. That's 570 people who'd think they are vaccinated but are not. That's potentially something like 10 deaths at 2% fatality rate and 90% effectiveness. What would you say if a car seller intentionally disabled all safety mechanisms like ABS on the cars he sells? Just pay for the repairs, end of story? Keep in mind he admitted that he intentionally rendered the vaccines ineffective and sold them to people.
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    • 星际圈美女的噩梦全文阅读星际圈美女的噩梦全文阅读,牙有黑洞怎么办需要补牙吗牙有黑洞怎么办需要补牙吗,小说萧天策高薇薇免费阅读小说萧天策高薇薇免费阅读
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  3. ... IS easily found out with minimal effort. A link in the article leads you to another one which has the answer you seek.
  4. The increase in consumption isn't big (single digit percentage) and like I said overall it should be still cheaper. You didn't mention what your milage is using E10. For most people this change really will have not much impact at all. If anything it will push more people to go for E20 because most modern engines are totally fine with it but the vast majority still will go for the Gasohol 91 E10 blend out of habit. No offence, your post just seemed unclear regarding the E vs Octane thing. Yes, the added logistics plus propping up the local ethanol production are the reasons Thail
  5. E10 is not Gasohol 95 though Gasohol 95 in Thailand is E10 but Gasohol 91 is also E10. There are two different numbers. E10 means 10% Ethanol. 95 means 95 octane. Octane is a number that specifies how much you can compress the fuel before it will ignite itself. Removing 91 octane fuel from the market is not highly overdue, why would it? It's a waste to put 95 octane fuel in an engine that is fine with 91. 95 octane is required for engines with higher compression ratio, I'm not aware of any scooter that needs this. E20 (20% ethanol) in Thailand is rated at 95 octane. So, we have:
  6. 星际圈美女的噩梦全文阅读星际圈美女的噩梦全文阅读,牙有黑洞怎么办需要补牙吗牙有黑洞怎么办需要补牙吗,小说萧天策高薇薇免费阅读小说萧天策高薇薇免费阅读 eisfeld
    3/4*0.2 = 0.15. You'd need to fill half the tank with E20 and then the other half with alcohol-free gasoline.
  7. I cannot confirm for the license renewal but for registration my work permit was not good enough because as you said the newer ones don't have the home address on them, only the work address. I don't even have any paper version, just an app on the phone.
  8. kudos to theWTD for taking a data driven approach. Refreshing to see that. Depreciation isn't linear because there are model refreshes. When an updated version comes out, the old model takes a hit in value. How much of course depends on the changes, sometimes it's just bold new colors so not much at all. When going for second hand, I'd first identify the version of the model that I'm looking for and then hunt for a deal in that year range. The next step then is to check who the owner is and if he has kept the bike well maintained. Tires, dirt in the harder to reach plac
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